San Diego County

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Target Corp., which operates 19 stores in San Diego County, will pay nearly $4 million to settle a consumer protection complaint accusing the company of overcharging customers, it was announced Wednesday. The complaint accused the retail chain of charging higher prices at their cash-register scanners that were posted in the aisles and misrepresenting the weight of its own packaged food items. The complaint was filed by the San Diego City Attorney's Office in conjunction with the District Attorney offices in Contra Costa, Sonoma, Marin, Santa Cruz and Fresno counties.

Retailer Toys"R"Us has agreed to pay more than $178,000 to settle claims of overpricing errors at its stores in San Diego and Los Angeles counties, prosecutors announced Monday. Inspections by county and state agencies checking on accuracy of prices at Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us stores in the two counties from late 2009 to mid-2012 uncovered what the San Diego County District Attorney's Office called "a significant pattern of inaccuracies." Inspectors bought more than 4,150 items in the probe. The stores overcharged in 5 percent of the purchases, authorities said. 

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