All About ROI July 2010


12 Ways to Spruce Up Your Website 
for the Holidays

It's Christmas in July! Or it better be if you plan to have your e-commerce website optimized for the first holiday season since the great recession theoretically ended. Here are 12 tactics to implement now if you want to maximize your products' slice of Santa's workshop budget.1. Add More Email Sign-UpsDuring the holidays, the number…

9 Ways to Squeeze More ROI Out of Your Shopping Cart

Marketers have developed quite a bag of promotion and coupon tricks to get consumers to spend more at the checkout counter or when mailing in the order form. The good news for online retailers is that modern e-commerce software lets them easily adapt these proven promotional marketing techniques to an online environment to lift average order sizes, revenues and profits.

Case Study - Boosts 
Conversions With Comparative Pricing

PROBLEM:, a London-based online retailer of electronic appliances and accessories, wanted to increase the conversion rate on its website while reducing bounces. SOLUTION: Implemented an onsite comparative pricing tool to prove to consumers that its prices were the lowest. RESULTS: Sales increased in last year's fourth quarter after the tool's launch, with the website's conversion rate up 18.7 percent and bounce rate down 7.2 percent.

Child's Play

Ali Wing has a lot to smile about. giggle, was founded in 2003 with a website and concept store in the city's SoHo district. Since then, the founder and CEO of this cross-channel retailer of baby products, gifts and informational resources for new parents has seen it grow to include 11 brick-and-mortar stores throughout the U.S., a sophisticated transactional website, a series of print catalogs and a growing line of baby products called giggle Better Basics

Copywriter as Your Customer Service Ambassador

I recently came upon an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal about how we, as consumers, feel about customer service. And frankly, the score isn't good for most companies selling products and services.

Cross-Channel Sales and Budget for Multichannel Retailers

Q: "Are there any best practices for multichannel retailers 
around how to allocate cross-channel sales and, in conjunction, budget?" — Steve Cates, vice president of multichannel marketing at Carrot-Top Industries

Do You Need Social Media Liability Insurance?

Some worries come with opening any new tech channel — that bad guys might be able to use it to access your data, steal customer identities, pass an employee some malicious software, etc. — but the casual and explosive nature of conversations in Web 2.0 may expose retailers to a new world of risks, some more commonly associated with media companies.

Legal Matters - Colorado Invades Consumer Privacy to Collect Sales Taxes

The Colorado General Assembly is taking an alternate path to obtain sales tax revenues on purchases by Colorado residents from out-of-state retailers.

Prospecting - Gets a Step Ahead With Buyer Acquisition Tool

Online women's shoes retailer tired of the spotty return on investment traditional online acquisition tools — namely display ads — were yielding the brand. So it turned to a new technology from online advertising company Permuto to attract new customers profitably online.

Prospecting - Wins With Twitter Bingo

Online footwear retailer launched a Twitter promotion based on the classic game of Bingo in early May to show off its new Drag & Share feature and capture new prospects.

Retail Online Integration Magazine

No, you're not seeing things. Before I get started with this month's Editor's Note, let me point out the obvious: As you can see from our new logo on the cover, All About ROI is now Retail Online Integration.