Federal Express

8 Ways to Use Parcel Carriers’ ‘Cost to Serve’ Pricing to Your Advantage
April 16, 2013

Just about every day, a shipper asks me what FedEx or UPS incentive they should be achieving for their specific spend level. But it doesn't work that way. While overall volume and revenue certainly play a role in pricing, the discounts you get from UPS and FedEx are largely based on their understanding of your distribution footprint and package characteristics, which are directly tied to the carriers’ "cost to serve" pricing models. 

Free Shipping vs. Offering Lower Prices
April 1, 2013

"I'm interested in the idea of free shipping vs. offering lower prices but shipping surcharges at checkout. For industries like mine (online furniture), which require freight shipping, does offering free shipping have the same positive effect on sales as it does for small products using UPS, etc.? Does an online consumer of furniture expect (and willingly pay) shipping surcharges, so long as the product price is low enough? Basically, will I increase conversions by lowering prices and getting rid of free shipping? Thanks!" — Deborah Fester, owner, Painted Furniture Barn

Will UPS Go On Strike?
March 25, 2013

As the calendar inches closer to a July 31 expiration of the collective bargaining agreement between the United Parcel Service (UPS) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), the parcel industry is beginning to ask the question, will UPS go on strike?

Retailing for Dummies
January 1, 2013

This helpful guide offers cross-channel retailers the opportunity to learn from experts in their space on a variety of topics critical to running a successful (i.e., profitable) business, including mobile marketing, operations and fulfillment, search engine marketing, and much more!

30 Shipping Resources for Small Businesses
December 18, 2012

FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service provide many easy-to-use online tools and resources to help small businesses meet their shipping needs. In addition to shipping management tools, the carriers also provide educational resources and helpful advice from small business specialists. Here's a list of shipping resources from USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx. There are small business and e-commerce solutions, shipping software tools and many more resources to help.

Parcel Rate Increases for 2013 That Retailers Need to Know
December 5, 2012

UPS announced 6.5 percent air increases partially offset by a 2 percent fuel surcharge reduction, and 5.9 percent average ground increase offset by a 1 percent fuel surcharge reduction. Rate increases will take effect Dec. 31, 2012. Similarly, FedEx announced average rate increases of 5.9 percent for express and international services, offset by a 2 percent reduction in fuel surcharges. FedEx hasn't yet announced 2013 increases for FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery or FedEx SmartPost, although it's expected to match the UPS ground increases highlighted above. FedEx's rate increases take effect Jan. 6, 2013. For most shippers the impact is much higher than the "average" increases announced by the carriers, however

7 Operations and Fulfillment Tips to Boost Efficiency
July 1, 2012

The ability to quickly and accurately fulfill customers' online orders is a task that many retailers struggle with. The consequences of not doing so are severe, most notably frustrated customers who won't return to shop with your brand. Follow these seven tips to provide customers a better shopping experience, all the way through delivery:

7 Strategies to Help Grow Your E-Commerce Sales
March 1, 2012

Armed with the knowledge that consumers are more comfortable and willing to make purchases online than ever before, retailers must take the next step and take advantage of this trend. Here are seven tips to help you get on the right track: