Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes
Is Mobile's Mistake Following Tradition or Intuition?

Life's biggest mistake: following tradition vs.  intuition. When it comes to statistics, everyone has them, but when it comes to mobile shopping, intuition tells us there's a gargantuan gap. Salesforce's latest September report indicates 68 percent of all e-commerce visits come from mobile phones. However, based on past mobile purchase statistics, retail digital marketers believe that…

Walmart: Abandon Earnings to [Re]Catch Amazon?

Walmart's success doesn't depend on earnings, but rather the story it tells.'s revenue climbed since 1998, while net income stayed flat (per FactSet and Recode — see chart below), and Amazon stock rose 1500 percent in that time period. Walmart … welcome to the technology ball. The biggest earnings quarter to watch for Walmart…

Looking for Growth in All the Wrong Places

Any digital-based business, whether it’s advertising, commerce or publishing, is still saddled with the burden of potential. Growth is expected to be exponential. Therefore, it surprised me that more than a few experts are throwing in the towel on some important growth markets.