St. Patrick

The Bible famously recounts a moment when Jesus Christ turns water into wine during a wedding he, his mother and his apostles attend at Cana, in Galilee. He asks servants to fetch six great stone water jars and to fill them. When they carry the jars to the host's table, he's surprised to taste not water, but wine. Jesus goes onto perform another 36 miracles before his death. Good taste suggests leaving the idea of drinking and Jesus here. But that hasn't stopped Urban Outfitters from dreaming up its latest creation.

Would you wear a baseball hat with an image of a man getting sick on the pavement? That's what Urban Outfitters has put on a baseball cap it launched in the United States for St. Patrick's Day. The green and white hat has a man on the front on his hands and knees getting sick. The slogan below reads, ''Irish Yoga'' and ''downward facing upchuck."

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