Kevin Lee

At the DMA Annual Conference & Exhibition last week in San Diego, Kevin led a session offering three ways marketers can apply proven direct marketing segmentation principles to optimize search campaigns. Here are those three techniques, as well as further analysis that was provided at the session.

In a session at the Annual Conference for Catalog & Multichannel Merchants earlier this month in New Orleans, Kevin Lee, chairman and CEO of the search engine marketing firm Didit, and Amy Wong, e-commerce marketing manager at the women's apparel retailer New York & Co., presented several takeaway tips to help companies optimize their search marketing dollars across all channels.

If you’re generating a newsletter, be sure to include the registration for these newsletters as a success metric. The customer might not be interested enough to buy when they reach your site via search engines, but they might be interested enough to get your newsletter. You can then model these names to determine what kind of newsletter subscribers then convert. —Kevin Lee, founder and executive chairman, search engine marketing firm

You’d never run the same mailing with the same list, but there are a number of marketers who never change keyword buys or landing pages. Use the same rigorous testing online as you would offline. What kind of testing you do depends on what kind of data you’ve got and what your resources are. You want to focus on areas that have the greatest yield with the smallest investment. If you have keywords that could be higher in the results if you could afford it, these are the ones to test optimization first. If you continuously test the most important things, you may never

The best tips often are small actionable ideas that come in large doses. Such was the case at the “50 Direct Marketing Tips in 50 Minutes” session at the recent List Vision conference in New York. What follows is a highlight reel of some of the most applicable tips for catalogers. 1. Segment your search engine marketing (SEM) offers by geographic region. “People from different places often benefit from a different user experience,” said Kevin Lee, founder and executive chairman of search engine marketing firm There are a lot of customer characteristics that correlate with geography, such as income level or psychographics. The

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