Jane Porter

Joe Keenan is the executive editor of Total Retail. Joe has more than 10 years experience covering the retail industry, and enjoys profiling innovative companies and people in the space.

The retail industry worldwide is undergoing significant change as retailers move towards omnichannel retailing, providing their customers with a single brand experience no matter which channel the customer chooses to make their purchase. Join Jane Porter, Product Manager for Retail Integration, IBM Hursley Park to look at key trends emerging worldwide and discuss IBM retail integration solutions.

In anticipation of its webinar on Tues., Feb. 4, Breaking Data Integration Barriers in Omnichannel Retailing, IBM's Jane Porter, product manager for retail integration, answers a few questions on what to expect during the hour-long virtual event, including her thoughts on the biggest challenges to providing a seamless brand experience, what data is most relevant in order to provide this single brand experience, and the steps retailers must take to integrate data from multiple sources.

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