Dave Pasternak

Twenty percent of your pay-per-click search keywords will drive 80 percent of your paid-search traffic. Focus and hone those 20 percent to drive the best possible results. Analyze the other 80 percent and see if there are any words you can drop from the program. —Dave Pasternak, president, Did-it.com

"Google can't stop another company from buying your brand name as a keyword in pay-per-click search campaigns," says Dave Pasternak, president of Did-it.com. "What Google will do, however, is stop running an ad that uses your brand name in its title or creative. While officials at Google won't specifically monitor ads for brand-name infractions, they will react quickly once informed," he says. Check for it every once in awhile. When you "google" yourself, do you actually come up? Always "be aware of how other company's use your brand name."

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