Christine Bittar

Timberland is one of the retailers using very close-range mobile messaging to communicate with consumers, offering discounts and promotions to people once they're in-store. Known as proximity marketing, Timberland has been working with a company called Swirl, which has a mobile app of the same name and can message consumers in-store and within a certain range outside the store. Rachel Panetta, head of retail and e-commerce marketing for Timberland, spoke with eMarketer's Christine Bittar about this technology and how it drives store sales.

Retail has a reputation of being a bit behind other industries in mobile technology, but Lowe's is one of the exceptions. Its MyLowe's mobile app has been one of the highlights, called out by experts as one of the more exemplary tools available for retail consumers. Sean Bartlett, director of mobile strategy and platforms for Lowe's, spoke with eMarketer's Christine Bittar about the attributes of MyLowe's and its relevance in the home improvement category.

Trendy retailer Urban Outfitters has been experimenting with technology in its stores for years, using its retail locations for additional fulfillment for online orders and rolling out mobile point-of-sale (POS) units last holiday season. Urban Outfitters e-commerce executive Holly Devine spoke with eMarketer's Christine Bittar about mobile retail tactics, online sales and trends in e-commerce.

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