Scandinavian countries

Localization of pricing and payment methods is important to international success By Renee Frappier Is your company interested in cashing in on international sales opportunities? Chances are you've devoted a great deal of attention to cultural differences when it comes to product, language and catalog layout. Don't stop there. To build response, examine differences in cultural attitudes to payment methods and pricing issues. "Localization is indispensable for attracting large numbers of customers in Europe's fragmented market," writes Forrester Research analyst Dr. Therese Torris. "Even customers who speak English prefer sites that offer their local language, as well as local product selections, relevant payment

By Lisa Yorgey With their small populations, the countries of Scandinavia—Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland—have been largely overlooked by U.S. direct marketing companies. European companies that have been more active in this region have achieved excellent results. Former Yves Rocher CEO for Europe Dan Bryzokoupil says that "of the 88 countries Yves Rocher markets in, Sweden had the highest per capita sales figures." U.S. marketers are taking a second look at the area now that the Internet has become a key business channel. Scandinavia is the most wired region in the world, with higher levels of

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