Nova Scotia

Arts and crafts retailer Michaels Stores Inc. is preparing to expand its presence in Canada. The Irving-based company said it will open five stores, with locations in Vancouver, Toronto and New Minas, Nova Scotia on Oct. 16. In addition, the company will open another location in Kanata, Ontario on Oct. 23. Michaels opened a Canadian headquarters in Toronto earlier this year to oversee operations in the country. Michaels said it already has 74 stores in Canada. The first Canadian store opened in 1993.

By Paul Miller Fueled with fresh capital, CEO Geralynn Madonna & co. have revived, repositioned and run Spiegel into profitability. Just three years ago, the industry, the financiers and the media (including this writer) had all written off the Spiegel catalog as a soon-to-be goner. The mere notion that it would turn a profit again or even mail again seemed a pipe dream. But having emerged a couple of years ago from near liquidation along with its sister title Newport News, Spiegel now is thriving, having nudged its way into the black a little less than a year ago. "The big story was

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