Jacksonville, Florida

Body Central is going out of business and will close all its stores, according to an attorney for the women's clothing retailer. As of Jan. 6, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based company had 265 stores in 28 states. Gardner Davis, an attorney for the company, said it had about 2,500 employees, who were notified of the closures Friday. Davis said the company had sought to reorganize its business, but "simply couldn't raise the capital."

Wal-Mart is turning up the pressure to keep its shelves adequately stocked by proposing to tie executive compensation to the issue — and has asked an outside auditor to alert workers which items to focus on by plastering U.S. stores with neon green dots. Earlier this year, Bloomberg News reported that Wal-Mart had trouble keeping its stores stocked as it cut back on workers per store. That has cost sales and driven away frustrated shoppers.

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