Far East

We're excited to bring you our list of the 100 fastest-growing omnichannel retailers for the 2013 fiscal year. To compile this year's list, we researched 2013 fiscal year net sales figures for all the public retail companies in the U.S. and Canada. We then compared those numbers to the previous fiscal year's net sales. After we calculated the percentage change year-over-year, we ranked each company in descending order to arrive at our top 100. We've also included select profiles that highlight specific companies on the list. Enjoy!

Fixing sourcing is among the many challenges J.C. Penney's CEO Mike Ullman faces. Few retailers have ever decimated their sourcing department and trampled on trusted relationships established in foreign countries, especially the Far East, like J.C. Penney did under Ron Johnson. Mr. Johnson, the hapless CEO who believed he could change J.C. Penney's mantra by focusing on famous national brands, ignored the unique strength of J.C. Penney private labels. These private brands registered billions of dollars in sales and represented fashion and value to the J.C. Penney customer.

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