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Excess inventory due to changing consumer behaviors, aggressive competitor actions or simply missed forecasts is a fact of life. When the inevitable happens, marketing can help in various ways. From in-season promotions and end-of-season clearance sales on your website to outlet stores and third-party distribution, retailers can deploy several strategies to aid in the liquidation of extra inventory.

Before the 2010 Super Bowl, what was the most watched television show? Surprisingly, it was the final episode of "M-A-S-H." The record stood for over 25 years, even with a growing population. In 1983 there were essentially three networks, so the television audience didn’t have many choices. This was a marketer’s dream. Not only could you reach a massive audience, but you could count on these significant shared experiences as common points of reference.

You may already know there are 5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. Under current trends, mobile phones will surpass PCs as the device most commonly used to access the web. You may be surprised to find out that 200 million people access Facebook through mobile devices. These people are twice as active on Facebook, so it appears that having internet access anytime, anywhere via a mobile device creates twice the engagement.

A computer programmer visited last year to look for jeans. Before entering his order, he keyed into the site’s address bar a string of characters, and up popped about 200,000 of’s customer names and credit card numbers. His selection of characters wasn’t random. Rather, the code he keyed in is well-known among programmers, and plugging it in is called an SQL (Structured Query Language) injection attack. In June, settled for an undisclosed sum with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on charges that it misled consumers by stating in its privacy policy that it protected consumer data when, in fact,

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