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Pointers From the Pros: Printers Offer Their Tips for Mailing Smarter
June 1, 2007

Printers are full of useful (and free) advice for their catalog clients. Their suggestions range from doing more customizing and co-mailing to learning more about how the postal rate increases are affecting catalogers. Here are some of their top tips for catalogers: 1. Consider a trim cut to get into co-mailing. “Even a minor trim size modification may allow them to mail with other catalogers and save postal dollars,” advises Dave Blais, senior vice president of sales and administration at Quad/Graphics. 2. Make it personal. Customizing and personalizing catalogs is a growing trend, Blais notes. But more catalogers should consider it to increase response. “Some

Printer Talk
June 1, 2007

With the latest postal rate increase weighing heavily on catalogers’ bottom lines, you’ll be needing advice on how to mail more efficiently. While list brokers can offer considerable guidance on which lists to rent, printers are another key source for money-saving tips. Naturally, the issue du jour is the May postal rate hike. Printing company officials say that the postal situation has given them a chance to collaborate more with their catalog clients. Now more than ever, printers are giving catalogers input on co-mailing, customization, paper selection, trim size, and even list hygiene and database management. “I’ve never seen so much conversation and reaction,” Rick Dethloff,

By the Stats: Catalogers Seek Capability and Flexibility From Printers
May 16, 2006

Nearly 70 percent of catalogers cite printing capabilities and flexibility as one of the most important factors when selecting a printing firm, according to a recent survey by Transcontinental Printing, a St. Laurent, Quebec-based catalog printer. Other data revealed by the survey: * 33 percent of catalogers look for a one-stop shop, with services from premedia to distribution under one roof. * 45 percent want quick response from sales people and customer service reps (CSRs). * 47 percent value sales person knowledge and advice. * 52 percent look for experienced and courteous CSRs. * 53 percent value turnaround time. * 56 percent want high quality. Results add up to more than

By the Stats: Name Your Priorities
May 31, 2005

When asked to name their upcoming priorities, catalogers who responded to a recent survey done by Transcontinental Printing had this to say (respondents could select more than one answer): 78 percent want to grow sales from print catalogs 73 percent: grow Web site sales 72 percent: improve their multichannel offerings 61 percent: grow other forms of revenue Source: Transcontinental Printing Catalog Group,