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Seamless cross-channel connections in retail
April 20, 2018 at 10:15 am

Learn how retail marketers are now recognizing, capturing and organizing customers and preferences across different touch points, achieving a true single view. With this information retailers can offer seamless experiences, treating customers as real individuals, and not segments.

eBay Expands Global Shipping Program, Overrides Seller Exclusions
March 31, 2014

eBay is expanding its global shipping program (GSP) yet again, this time to nine additional countries, including some located in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. eBay is pushing sellers to use the GSP to make their items available to buyers in 44 countries — soon to be 53 — but without having to ship internationally. eBay will add the following nine countries to the GSP program beginning April 8: Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Croatia, Malaysia and Turkey. 

Confused About FedEx SmartPost, UPS SurePost and Other Deferred Residential Parcel Options?
September 3, 2013

Google FedEx SmartPost or UPS SurePost and plenty of hits show up in the search results. Some reviews are positive, extolling benefits that include cost effectiveness and fewer surcharges over air/ground alternatives, end-to-end package visibility, free Saturday delivery, and more. However, your search results will include complaints ranging from transit times that were too lengthy to crushed/damaged packages. One thing is for sure: With the meteoric growth of e-commerce and consumers’ demand for free or low cost shipping, these services are here to stay.

Free Webinar: Opening the Door to International Customers
February 20, 2013

Ready to sell products globally to tap into the explosive growth of international e-commerce? The global market is ready. The technology is ready. Your web store is open to its global audience. The question is, what are the fundamentals of global e-commerce that you need to embrace to cash in on this opportunity? Join us for a free webinar on March 7 to find out the answer.

5 Tips for Increasing Global Sales This Holiday Season
November 5, 2012

Online shopping continues to grow, with e-commerce sales predicted to reach $963 billion globally by 2013, with an annual growth rate of 19.4 percent. This rapidly expanding global digital community has the potential to be a vast marketplace for any retail business, large or small, with an online presence. E-commerce opens the door to the notion of business without borders — i.e., the opportunity to sell products and services to anyone, anywhere in the world. At least, this is the ideal. 

Study Finds Ideal Marketing Mix for Small Businesses
May 25, 2011

The majority of small businesses, 76 percent, agree their ideal marketing mix includes a combination of physical and digital communications, according to a new survey released by Pitney Bowes. Nearly three-quarters of the small businesses surveyed, 72 percent, said they would do more of it if they had the right customer communications management tools.

Branding & Engagement at Pitney Bowes: A Q&A with Guilherme Dias
April 27, 2011

Internal Branding is increasingly being relied upon to gain a competitive advantage by organizations hoping to address change management, enhance employee loyalty and engagement, as well as integrate their external brand promise into their corporate culture. Guilherme Dias, Director of Strategic Talent Management at Pitney Bowes Canada.

Multichannel Integration: Adapting to the New Normal
October 12, 2010

To create effective marketing campaigns in today’s multichannel world, retailers must be able to integrate consumer interactions within disparate marketing channels to ensure the best possible experience wherever and whenever the dialogue takes place.