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February 1, 2007

CONSUMER Design Toscano This file comprises 196,977 24-month buyers of replica European sculptures, architectural artifacts, hand-carved furniture, suits of armor, garden sculptures, jewelry, angel-themed items, framed art and other gifts from Design Toscano. The buyers in this catalog’s file have an average age of 40 and an average household income of $75,000. The file is selectable by product category purchased and amount of purchase. The base list price is $115/M. Belardi/Ostroy ALC, (212) 924-1300, Epiclear Epiclear is an all-natural, acne treatment product. The list consists of 52,729 buyers. The average unit of sale is $40. The base list price is $105/M. Impulse Media, (203)

Hot Lists
October 1, 2006

CONSUMER Motley Fool Champion Funds The Motley Fool Champion Funds file is comprised of 5,336 investors looking for information and guidance on mutual fund investing. They’ve paid an annual average of $149 to read up on building long-term wealth. The base list price is $200/M. MetaResponse Group, (954) 360-0644, KooKoo Bear Kids KooKoo Bear Kids offers its 26,500 12-month buyers a fanciful assortment of children’s furniture, bedding and accessories designed as if from a child’s point of view. These catalog buyers primarily are women. They have an average age of 37 and an average household income of $175,000. The base