Garnet Hill

A Look Inside Garnet Hill's Mobile Boutique
August 18, 2016 at 9:30 am

Garnet Hill, a lifestyle brand selling home and apparel products based in New Hampshire, is shaking up the traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience. After opening a seasonal shop in the Hamptons last summer, Garnet Hill decided to take its product on the road in a mobile boutique this summer. “It’s a showroom, boutique and marketing platform…

The Top Women in Omnichannel Retail
April 1, 2014

Welcome to Retail Online Integration's fourth annual list of the leading female executives in the omnichannel retail industry. The women chosen for this list hold top-level positions within omnichannel retail organizations, and are being recognized for their position and scope of responsibility, achievements within their own company, and their involvement within the retail industry. In addition to learning about the career paths of these top retail executives, each woman has provided her top tip for omnichannel retail success in 2014.

How Garnet Hill Delights its Customers
December 23, 2013

As the year comes to a close, take a moment and take stock of how often your products or services delighted your customers these past 12 months. Delight is a verb worth striving for. Here's how one brand lives it out year-round:

Tips to Improve Your Online Conversion Rate
March 14, 2013

Converting a higher percentage of their website visitors is a goal shared by all cross-channel retailers. With the retail industry conversion rate average hovering around 3 percent, the opportunity is certainly there. In a session on the opening day of the NEMOA Spring directXchange conference in Boston, Brett Bair, senior director of strategic services at Monetate, a technology solutions provider for online retailers, offered several ways that online merchants can leverage data and testing to become more relevant to consumers, ultimately resulting in increased sales.

Garnet Hill Launches International E-Commerce Sites
May 4, 2012

Garnet Hill, an apparel and home decor retailer, announced plans to expand its product offerings to international consumers in more than 100 countries. By partnering with FiftyOne Global Ecommerce, Garnet Hill fortifies its position as a large and growing brand with international scale. In response to an overwhelming demand for its products cross-border and overseas, Garnet Hill engaged with FiftyOne to introduce its offerings to a global audience while staying true to its trusted brand. 

Inventory’s Role in Contingency Planning
October 24, 2011

One of my favorite moments from NEMOA's Fall 2011 directXchange Conference was when Country Curtain's President Phil McAvoy said the following during his keynote speech: “Don’t be a hero at budget times.” His point is that you should already have contingency plans in place so you can respond to the inevitable challenges that arise during the year. Be a hero when it counts — at the end of the year when you meet or exceed your budget.

Garnet Hill Launches its First Annual Community Service Day
May 22, 2009

For over 30 years, Garnet Hill has been deeply rooted in the community, participating in a wide array of local and national causes. Garnet Hill continued this legacy by orchestrating and launching its First Annual Community Service Day on Thursday, May 14.

Reflections From the Fall NEMOA Conference
September 23, 2008

Poor NEMOA. Last spring’s conference was overshadowed by the recent folding of BlueSky Brands, and many of its exiled execs were mulling around the Cambridge, Mass., event networking. During last week’s NEMOA in Burlington, Vt., the chill was blowing all the way up from Wall Street, as news of the market’s tumble had many attendees checking their BlackBerrys throughout the first day of the event. But once the smoke cleared and the market surged back the next couple of days, NEMOA returned to its traditional spirit of being a warm gathering of old friends; catalog stalwarts; and a growing number of people from vendors,

Shrewd Hiring Strategy for Tricky Times
April 1, 2008

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Could Charles Dickens have described the state of multichannel retailing any better over the past few years? Whether your business is doing well or could be doing better, whether you’re in a hiring or layoff mode, a sometimes overlooked, cost-effective strategy for recruiting and developing top talent — and a critical source for your workforce — is the hiring of interns. With so many computer- and tech-savvy young people out there, and technology and e-commerce playing such important roles in the future of the industry, some of the brightest, most talented