Tammy Everts

Tammy Everts
What Parents Expect From Your E-Commerce Site

If you’re a parent, you’re probably thinking ahead to the holiday shopping season. If you’re an online retailer, this is a big season for your business. As you prepare to manage the hordes of parents who will descend on your site, here are some stats to keep in mind about today’s parents, their spending habits, and what…

6 Ways to Optimize Website Images Without Impacting Performance

Whether web designers or developers choose to optimize images — and how they choose to optimize them — has been a longstanding area of opinion and debate. Optimizing images so that they render more quickly in the user's browser should be a priority for every site owner. There are a number of image optimization techniques — ranging from basic to advanced — that site owners can leverage. Here are six:

How Retailers Can Fight Against Slowing E-Commerce Sites

Even for top retailers, tackling web performance is like aiming at a constantly moving target. As soon as you've gotten a bead on one performance issue, a brand new challenge pops up. The silver lining here is that the impact of all this complexity can be mitigated with a thoughtful optimization strategy and a commitment to evolving this strategy to continue to meet future demands. Overall, there are a number of optimization techniques that site owners can implement to speed up their pages. Here are a few:

10 Things You Can Do to Speed Up Your Web Pages

The average online shopper expects a website to load in three seconds or less. Yet despite aggressive user expectations, a recent study of the top 500 e-commerce sites finds that retail pages are slowing down. If you're a site owner determined to regain control over your website's performance, you can start by focusing on three key problem areas: images, latency and third-party content.

3 Reasons Why E-Commerce Sites Are Slowing Down, and What You Can Do About It

When it comes to website load times, user expectations are constantly escalating. In 1999, the optimal load time was eight seconds. By 2010, 57 percent of online shoppers stated they would abandon a web page after waiting just three seconds for it to load. While internet users may have high expectations, these expectations aren't being met by most sites.