Rob Howard

Rob Howard
5 Ways to Navigate the Digital Experience Paradox 

Retail is currently facing one of the greatest opportunities and challenges in its history: the shift to digital channels. Across the entire retail landscape, online sales continue to increase while store-based retail sales stall or decline. In fact, according to a survey done by UPS, consumers made more purchases online than in stores in 2015…

Same-Day Delivery: From Competitive Advantage to Must-Offer Service

Recent initiatives by eBay, Google, Wal-Mart and the U.S, Postal Service, coupled with the growth of Amazon Fresh, which boasts "same or next-day delivery of almost everything you want to buy — from fresh produce, meat and seafood to diapers, DVDs and toys," have made it clear that same-day delivery is here to stay. In fact, it's increasingly become an option consumers not only turn to and pay a premium for, but now expect to see. To stay competitive in this new market, here are the seven key steps retailers must take to begin a functional same-day delivery program:

Why the Amazon Prime Price Increase is Good for Retailers

Weighing the revenue generated by subscriptions against the cost of shipping, has clearly lost money on Prime. And let's be honest: Prime isn't about the Kindle lending library or the on-demand videos; it's about the fast, "free" delivery. So it's no surprise that Amazon's recent announcement of a price increase for Prime was welcomed by investors, who foresee improved margins in the coming years. Retailers should treat the announcement as good news too. Why?