Paula Jeske

Paula Jeske

Paula brings in-depth experience designing, developing and implementing strategic cross-channel marketing programs for both B2B and B2C. She has worked in radio and TV, moving to print & online as marketing director for Skyvision where she oversaw direct mail, e-commerce & infomercials along with launching a second catalog, Field Trips, from scratch. She continued applying her creative and marketing strategies to clients large and small to develop direct marketing programs that delivered results. Paula has driven relationships with brands around customer data, email, mail, ecommerce, online advertising and new technologies. She joined Lett Direct in 2016 to lead business development activity for print and digital across new/existing clients and partners. Paula is a past member of DMA’s Catalog Council and speaker at ACCM & DGA, is currently a Bronze sponsor of NEMOA and an ACMA member.

Hopefully soon, you’ll find Paula singing with the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus again or sipping a fine wine at a Lake Michigan harbor.

You can reach Paula at

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