Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson is the CEO, founder and product architect of Nacelle, a headless commerce platform that works with online retailers to implement innovative solutions to successfully scale and grow. Nacelle has helped brands like Something Navy and Barefoot Dreams manage high traffic volumes, significantly increase conversion rates and improve product discoverability.

3 Tips to Combat Rising Digital Advertising Costs: What Merchants Can Do to Prepare

Data-driven digital advertising and marketing changed the game for merchants, largely because it enabled businesses to reach customers more efficiently and at a competitive price compared with legacy media. Yet, with digital advertising costs continuing to rise, its effectiveness declining in many cases, and with inflation expected to continue, the game is about to change…

3 Headless Commerce Myths Busted: What Retailers Shouldn’t Believe

Headless commerce is a relatively new concept in the e-commerce industry, and as with any complex new topic, it’s common to see confusion or misinformation around it. Even the definition of “headless commerce” has made way for misconceptions. The strict definition is the decoupling of a website’s frontend (what customers interact with) and the backend…