Bernard Perrine

Bernard Perrine

Bernard Perrine is the CEO & co-founder of Twitter marketing company SocialCentiv. A founding partner and former corporate officer of Kinko’s, Perrine has also held leadership positions with Eastman Kodak and Microsoft.

5 Tips for Using Twitter to Drive Sales

With the holidays over, businesses will have to work hard to attract shoppers to their stores. Therefore, it’s not surprising that retailers are getting better at using a sophisticated marketing mix to create engagement and conversions. That mix includes social media, mobile and digital campaigns. Twitter is especially geared to help retailers target customers. With keywords,…

Identifying the Best Social Media Network for Your Retail Business

A 2012 study from Aberdeen Group found that “best in class” retailers placed a higher emphasis on integrating social media into their omnichannel initiatives than did the rest of the pack. Some 46 percent of the best-in-class group called that integration “very important,” compared with 18 percent of “average” or “laggard” retail businesses. Much has…

How Twitter Can Help Retailers Ring Up Holiday Sales

Twitter is especially geared to help retailers target customers. With keywords, geo-targeting and smarter tech, brands can find out who is looking for their merchandise via tweets. When they find someone, they can tweet directly back with an offer or discount to get that shopper in the door. Many small business owners know they should be on social media, but are befuddled about how to connect the dots between posts, tweets and new customers. However, with the right tools, business owners can find potential customers on Twitter who need a product or service at that moment.