Al Lalani

Al Lalani
Back and Better Than Ever?

You heard all about social commerce last year. Pinterest’s “Buy” button, Facebook&

Visual Commerce: From Selfie to Sold

Over the past few years the “selfie” has risen in popularity on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, giving users an opportunity to solicit feedback from followers based on the number of "Likes" (or disregards) generated by the post. According to a recent study conducted by social shopping site Shopa, one in…

Monetizing Instagram One Hashtag at a Time

With over 130 million users, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram is being used by 67 percent of top brands. Marketers have been swift to realize the potential impact of Instagram by integrating it into their off-site social strategies. Yet the golden question remains: Can Instagram generate return on investment? Or are we all just wasting our time on yet another social network distraction.

Why Social Loyalty Programs Are Valuable for Retailers

In the increasingly competitive e-commerce industry, there's more pressure than ever to stand apart from the crowd and stay top of mind for consumers. With retail giants like and continuing to scale and dominate on price, convenience and selection, the need to retain core customers is essential. Many retailers struggle with how to remain economically relevant and connected to their most influential customers.

7 Tips for Using Pinterest in Your Marketing Efforts

With almost 50 million users and 143 percent year-over-year growth, it's safe to say Pinterest already has a big presence and is growing. With a loyal, and largely female, user base, Pinterest is a retailer's dream come true. It's a forum to showcase top products, interact with consumers and see what content is best resonating with them. And the best part is, what would be considered shameless self-promotion on other social channels is actually encouraged and validated by users liking and "repinning" brands’ content.