In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail's Joe Keenan and Kristina Stidham discuss an article recently published by Total Retail titled, “4 Best Practices for Creating a Social Commerce Experience That Converts,” authored by Elise Stieferman, director of client strategy and development at Coegi. Online shopping received a serious bump in 2020, and so did its offshoot, social commerce. There's a significant opportunity here for retailers that are diving into social commerce. However, brands shouldn’t underestimate the need to map out their social commerce strategy in advance.

Neither social media nor e-commerce are going anywhere. Brands that live alongside consumers on social can position themselves to better capture digital shoppers, as well as stay on the leading edge of a billion-dollar e-commerce trend. Learn more about social commerce strategy and best practices from Elise Stieferman in the full article here.

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