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In episode 390 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Bryan Anastasi, vice president of customer care and business solutions at Raymour & Flanigan, the largest furniture and mattress retailer in the Northeast and seventh largest nationwide. Anastasi provides an overview of the Raymour & Flanigan business (1:00), his role with the organization (1:40), and to what he attributes the retailer's growth and success (3:00). He discusses the challenges Raymour & Flanigan has faced during its growth (4:55), how the retailer is using technology to solve these challenges (7:12), and why NetSuite is the right partner to help Raymour & Flanigan improve its customer experience (8:00).

Furthermore, Anastasi shares the business and customer benefits expected from utilizing NetSuite's platform (9:26), the importance of real-time, unified inventory data visibility (11:47), and the opportunities he's focused on for growth at Raymour & Flanigan this year (13:25). Lastly, he discusses how maintaining strong customer relationships ensures Raymour & Flanigan's success, even in the current uncertain economic environment (15:53).

Bryan Anastasi is the vice president of customer care and business solutions at Raymour & Flanigan. Within this role, Bryan and his team help leverage technology to strengthen customer connections, enable associates to do their job more efficiently, and adapt to rapid changes in the retail industry. Bryan has been with Raymour & Flanigan for more than 15 years, and he previously held roles leading distribution and customer service teams.

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