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In episode 398 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Lyndie Benson, founder of Bleusalt, a luxury apparel brand offering elevated basics made sustainably in the United States. Benson shares an overview of the Bleusalt brand (0:55), her inspiration for launching the business (1:40) and how its sustainable Tencel fabric is produced (3:00). She discusses her passion for running a sustainable business (5:00), how Bleusalt's packaging is eco-friendly and waste-free (9:10), and her issues with fast fashion (11:20).

Furthermore, Benson shares how she educates consumers on the benefits and value of high-quality, sustainable apparel (12:43), identifies Bleusalt's target customer base (15:15), and details the new products she's working on to fuel growth at the brand (18:05).

Lyndie Benson founded Malibu-based Bleusalt in 2015 to offer consumers a collection of elevated basics that are not only good for the  planet but also pair with tried-and-true accessories for a wardrobe that lasts years.

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