Starting today, TOURNEAU, a retailer of fine timepieces, will begin the painstaking task of shifting forward its expansive inventory of watches in accordance with Daylight Saving Time. Spread over 35 stores across the country, over 1,000 TOURNEAU watch technicians will begin the monumental process of changing hundreds of thousands of timepieces from the 111 brands the stores carry: a process that will take two full days to complete nationwide.

Shareholders of Jo-Ann Stores approved a $1.6 billion merger with an affiliate of Leonard Green & Partners. Of all the shares that were voted, more than 99 percent were in favor of the agreement. Those in favor of the pact represented 82 of outstanding shares. The company expects the deal to close Friday.

Fabric and craft store chain Jo-Ann Stores said that after a nearly two-month "go-shop" period, it's received no other takeover bids, and therefore will ask shareholders to vote on the company's proposed $1.6 billion sale to Leonard Green & Partners LP.

Choosing mailing lists for your direct marketing efforts may seem pretty straightforward. But in actuality, it can become rather complex. This week, I’ll serve up my thoughts on how to choose the proper mailing lists for your effort.
It’s important to note up front that if you haven’t rented lists before, you should choose a good list broker. In next week’s blog, I’ll address what to look for when choosing the right broker. For now, however, let’s concentrate a bit more on the basics.
When choosing lists always think of one word: affinity. While that may sound obvious, the catalog lists whose products and

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