Tim Taggart

Devise a compensation program that galvanizes your contact center reps By Donna Loyle As the economy improves, labor markets no doubt will begin to open up in some regions, and turnover may become an issue in some catalogers' contact centers. "Many customer service reps feel they're undercompensated for the value of the job they do, that is, in relation to the energy they exert on the job and the stress they encounter in dealing with customers all day," recounts Liz Kislik, president of Liz Kislik Associates, a management consultancy based in Rockville Centre, N.Y. "If they think they can get slightly higher

By Donna Loyle In their ongoing efforts to maintain and improve customer service, managers at the Sundance catalog instituted in June 2000 an ingenious "levels program." Tim Taggart, contact center manager at this apparel and home furnishings catalog, explains how the program works. New customer service reps (CSRs) at the Salt Lake City-based cataloger begin by taking a two-week training program comprised of classroom work and time in a training bay environment on the phones. They're then placed on a team whose leader, during the next two weeks, will monitor their progress. Leaders determine when trainees become level ones, at which time they get

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