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Steve Lett graduated from Indiana University in 1970 and immediately began his 50-year career in Direct Marketing; mainly catalogs.

Steve spent the first 25 years of his career in executive level positions at both consumer and business-to-business companies. The next 25 years have been with Lett Direct, Inc., the company Steve founded in early 1995. Lett Direct, Inc., is a catalog and internet consulting firm specializing in circulation planning, plan execution, analysis and digital marketing (Google Premier Partner).

Steve has served on the Ethics Committee of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and on a number of company boards, both public and private. He served on the Board of the ACMA.  He has been the subject of two Harvard Business School case studies.  He is the author of a book, Strategic Catalog Marketing. Steve is a past Chairman of both the Catalog Council and Business Mail Council of the DMA. He spent a few years teaching Direct Marketing at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

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By Stephen R. Lett Changing your marketing strategy is one of the most difficult and risky things you can do as a cataloger. Is there a right time to do it? And just which way will work? Some would argue that a change in strategy should be gradual and implemented over time. Others might recommend making all strategy adjustments at once — a precarious move. This month, I'll discuss how to effectively change your marketing strategy and identify ways to best accomplish your objectives. Time For a Change When sales have been flat or in decline two or three years in a row,

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