Sandra Matika

Send e-mail campaigns over several hours to manage Web site traffic and avoid a crash. —Sandra Matika, SVP, Mokrynski

Include in your e-mail campaign "refer-a-friend" for viral marketing. It will entice new customers and can potentially add to your database. —Sandra Matika, SVP, Mokrynski & Associates

Compile a list of all bouncebacks or unsubscribes in your e-mail campaign. Send these customers a postcard with an offer to entice them to come back. —Sandra Matika, SVP at Mokrynski

When sending promotional e-mails, don't put your company name first in the subject line. This is prime real estate; use it to tell customers what's in store for them. —Sandra Matika, SVP, Mokrynski & Associates

By Noelle Buoncristiano Four tactics for multichannel success. Today's multichannel merchants continually are searching for viable channel-integration solutions — a seamless blend across the key points of customer interaction, including catalogs, Web sites, retail stores and kiosks. "Providing seamless integration communicates a consistent message to consumers and results in higher transaction values," note the authors of the LakeWest Group's Fifth Annual POS Benchmarking Survey 2004. But as most catalogers will tell you, achieving that seamless blend across all sales channels is more difficult than it appears to be. Following are a few tactics that can help you make the most

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