Paul Bobnak

ExOfficio, a technical outerwear retailer, demonstrates in this email how it can help customers keep cool and comfortable. The company uses a tried-and-true tactic in an effort to generate sales with this email: talk about and show how a product's features specifically benefit your customers.

NYDJ, a women’s fashion brand, uses a direct mail piece to promote a perfect fitting pair of jeans, and much more. The marketing campaign reinforces NYDJ's commitment to offering products that fit its customers right now, not how they should fit the brand's product.

PlanetGear, an online women’s apparel retailer, uses email to run flash sales at up to 70 percent off list price. Furthermore, using the same design layout allows PlanetGear's emails to be scanned quickly by customers looking for specific brand names and discounts.

Framebridge, a national custom picture framing service, puts the customer at the center of this direct mail campaign. In the piece, Framebridge shows that a simple design and layout offering a few choices can be a great way to introduce prospects to a customized product they thought they could never afford.

An email from online hair color startup Madison Reed promotes a celebrity appearance on television shopping network QVC. Madison Reed had a specific goal in mind when choosing "American Idol" finalist Kimberly Caldwell to endorse its brand and product.

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