Jonathan Shapiro

Building an effective retail Web site isn't a one-time effort; it's an ongoing process. Measure, test, deploy, rinse and repeat. —Jonathan Shapiro, president, Lillian Vernon Heard at: eTail 2005, Philadelphia

Jonathan Shapiro has his sights set on re-energizing Lillian Vernon Corp. By Donna Loyle Why he went to work at Lillian Vernon Corp.: Shapiro says it's been great to be able to follow through on an idea he had in 1996 when he worked for United Media. While there, he developed the Dilbert Zone Web site based on Dilbert the cartoon character. "We started Dilbert-branded products as a small business, used direct marketing and advertising, and grew it into a $1 million a year property in 1996. We figured if with the direct marketing knowledge we had we could turn out a successful

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