Johnna Hoff

eBay promised some compensation for the 10,000 sellers it said had been affected by a software glitch that led to their listings disappearing from search. eBay Spokesperson Johnna Hoff said the company was in the process of notifying impacted sellers via email of their status, as well as the particular credits that would apply. "Sellers with questions should contact customer support," she said.

eBay spokesperson Johnna Hoff confirmed the EcommerceBytes report that it had made a change to its search interface by removing "product cards" in search results. "We see it as a benefit to sellers," Hoff said. "Research showed that in those categories...

eBay is rolling out changes to its search algorithm that impact auction sellers and could have a profound affect on the way bidders search. The issue came to EcommerceBytes' attention when a seller noticed a drop in sales last week and said when they called eBay, a customer support rep told them it had started implementing a new Best Match (BM) search algorithm on Friday the 13th, and would complete the process this coming week. "They completely altered the BM ranking for ALL sellers and this change started last week and it is completed by now, which means if

eBay is in the process of changing its integration with Facebook by replacing the "Like" button with three of its own buttons - "Like," Want" and "Own." "eBay has integrated new ways to integrate eBay activity with Facebook by replacing the current Facebook "like" button with new buttons - "like," "want" and "own,"" said eBay spokesperson Johnna Hoff. Currently, the new buttons can be viewed in eBay's Fashion categories as well as in Collectibles, though it is not clear in exactly which subcategories or listings they can be found. "We are updating the buttons on select portions of eBay

eBay will sell to Primedia, a resource for apartment and rental home information and listings. launched nationally in October 2001, and eBay acquired the classified site in 2005 for approximately $415 million ($385 million in stock and $30 million in cash). eBay released a statement saying it was divesting itself of "because it had limited synergies with our core businesses as we focus on enabling commerce for buyers and sellers globally through platforms, payments and technology."

Emails have been pouring in to EcommerceBytes Wednesday afternoon from sellers who are unable to login to eBay. The eBay login won't recognize seller IDs and passwords, many users are reporting, although a few have reported they are having no problems at all. eBay customer service representatives are telling sellers who call the company that the problem is occurring in the U.S., Canada and the UK. One seller was told by a rep that the problem was a "major technical issue," another was told as many as 50% of eBay users were unable to log-in. The first report to

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