Doug Sternberg

How do you compete if you can’t offer same-day delivery? Doug Sternberg offers his expert thoughts in this webinar. View to hear: how to minimize fulfillment costs without sacrificing quality; tips for building a collaborative partnership with your fulfillment provider; ways that that your company can differentiate itself via product packaging; strategies for more efficient inventory management.

Even though the new year kicked off only a week ago, the retail industry is already buzzing about the new technologies and trends that will take over 2014. Before we get caught up discussing "All-Channel Retail," Retail Online Integration (ROI) wanted to take a final look back to see which trends shaped retail in 2013. Below are the top five articles (based on clickthroughs) from ROI in 2013:

Social commerce has been bubbling up in all corners of the retail landscape, so it's not surprising that brick-and-mortar stores and their e-tailing counterparts are scrambling to grab as many Facebook "likes," tweets and YouTube haul videos as they possible can. They might still be missing a huge opportunity to ring up even more sales.

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