Chris Kivlehan

Whether it’s used to restore your Web site after an attack by hackers or an assault from mother nature, a data backup plan can save valuable time in an emergency. Chris Kivlehan, marketing manager for Web hosting services provider INetU Managed Hosting offers the following tips to keep your backup plan in top shape. * Have written policy and procedures in place. A written plan on how Web site restoration should be handled in a time of crisis will cut down on confusion and allow the process to move along more smoothly, Kivlehan says. * Regularly test restores from your backup. This is a

“For businesses using the Web as a revenue-generating channel, their data are important company assets,” says Chris Kivlehan, marketing manger for INetU Managed Hosting, a Web hosting provider. Losing a customer database in a system-wide crash or other crisis can devastate your business. Orders can go unfulfilled leading to dissatisfied customers and, in turn, reduced revenue. Kivlehan recommends that you talk with your IT manager or a qualified consultant/vendor to discuss back-up procedures and the technologies (e.g., tape drives, separate network storage devices, CDs) needed to do the job properly. In the meantime, here are four steps to help you focus your efforts: 1. Write a

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