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7 Tips for E-Commerce Sanity
January 22, 2014

Managing a fully functional e-commerce site as part of your retail operation is a bit like owning a house — you're constantly concerned with what might break next and how to go about fixing it. Much like proper maintenance on your home goes a long way to keeping the handyman at bay, there are several common sense steps you can take to make sure that your omnichannel strategy stays fresh and your online presence relevant. For most retailers, the web is an extremely important — often the most important — channel for profitability.

Norton Seal Datasheet
July 18, 2012

You've invested time and money in your website - developing great content, optimizing it for search engines, and investing in online advertising. But once visitors find you, how do you get them to buy, click, or call? You have to build trust. Give your customers peace of mind - from search to browse to buy - with the Norton™ Secured Seal, the most recognized trust mark on the Internet. The Norton Secured Seal is an indispensable tool for increasing your customers' perception of safety and trust when they do business online. When visitors see the Norton Secured Seal, they know they can trust the link, trust the site, and trust the transaction. Displaying the Norton Secured Seal on your website can help make your visitors more likely to convert from visitors to customers and less likely to abandon their shopping cart.

Grow Your Business by Building Consumer Trust
July 18, 2012

Now more than ever before, small businesses need to implement strategies that build and improve consumer trust. If a user doesn't feel safe on a website, they'll leave, and the chances are high they'll never come back even if nothing has necessarily gone wrong.

Even the best search engine optimization (SEO) can't help if users don't perceive your site as credible.

Learn to establish a strong online relationship with your customer that is built on trust by bolstering security and authenticating your site.

Security and Trust: The Backbone of Doing Business Over the Internet
July 18, 2012

Download this white paper to learn about the importance of providing your customers a secure and trustworthy online experience and technology available that helps online businesses protect sensitive customer data, authenticate themselves, and build consumer trust.

Securing Microsoft Exchange 2010 with Symantec™ SSL Certificates: Best Practices for Securing Your Email Server with SSL Certificates and Subject Alternative Names
July 18, 2012

Innovative companies are responding to the challenge of supporting an increasingly mobile workforce. Providing secure information is not without its difficulties. Symantec uses an end-to-end multi-layered approach to protect Exchange and the data it holds. This enables you to: Keep bad things out - Keep good things in - Be ready to handle the unexpected.

Internet Trust Marks: Building Confidence and Profit Online
July 18, 2012

Increase your Web site's potential with a trust mark. Learn how to increase transactions on your site and decrease shopping cart abandonment when you read this white paper. Download this paper and you will learn just how beneficial trust marks are to online businesses.

E-Commerce Sites Risk Losing Holiday Sales to Network Downtime
October 13, 2011

A new study commissioned by VeriSign finds that availability of e-commerce sites could be at risk — even for the largest e-tailers — due to domain name system performance issues. Considering that the busy holiday shopping season is just around the corner, any unavailability during this critical time can be devastating for businesses.

Facebook Commerce Gets Safer With Adgregate, Symantec
February 22, 2011

Consumers need to feel secure with each transaction they conduct on Facebook, or retailers might as well forget about building storefronts on the social site. Adgregate Markets, which provides transactions through ShopFans, and security software maker Symantec, plan to announce a partnership Tuesday relying on Symantec's VeriSign Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates.