Toys "R" Us

Toys "R" Us expands layaway and payment options
October 4, 2011

Wayne, N.J. -- Toys "R" Us Inc. will expand its layaway program and incorporate flexible payment options in order to spur holiday sales. The chain’s layaway program, offered at its Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us stores nationwide, in conjunction with a limited-time Bill Me Later service, will enable customers to make a series of smaller payments over time. The layaway program debuted in 2009 for big-ticket items such as bicycles and swing sets. On Oct. 15, Toys "R" Us said it will expand the program to include playthings – Barbies, Legos, etc. – in 450 of

Toys R Us Gears Up for the Christmas Season With Old-Time Savings Program
June 17, 2010

Toys"R"Us announced that it has introduced its Christmas Savers Club, a program that allows shoppers to begin setting aside money with the added benefit of earning a bonus, simply for saving early. Those who sign up for the Christmas Savers Club between now and Oct. 16 will receive a 3 percent bonus based on the total funds they save. Customers can save up to $2,500 per card, which means the most aggressive savers can earn up to $75 on top of the money they load on their cards.

74% of Holiday Shoppers Went Green in ’07
January 9, 2008

Going “green” will become increasingly important for multichannel merchants as consumers’ spending habits continue to be influenced by environmental concerns. According to the 2007 Annual National Shopping Behavior Survey by KPMG, a vast majority of holiday shoppers expressed a willingness to pay more for ecofriendly gifts and took note of the countries where items were made. The recent survey of 815 shoppers was conducted randomly by telephone. Here are some highlights of the survey: * 88 percent of respondents said they were very concerned about the environment, with 74 percent saying they buy environmentally friendly products; * 60 percent of those respondents were willing