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Credit Crisis
December 1, 2010

New marketing vehicles such as the iPad bring cross-channel retailers innovative ways to reach consumers. But they also complicate life, making it a challenge to get a clear picture of which marketing activities are driving the most traffic to a website.

2011 Resource Guide
December 1, 2010

Welcome to Retail Online Integration's annual Resource Guide. This special section offers all the crucial details, company information, contact numbers and addresses of product and service providers to the cross-channel retail industry.

What I Took Away From IRCE 2010
July 6, 2010

Last month's Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago had all the elements of a healthy trade show -- attendance was at record levels with over 10,000 paid attendees; the exhibit floor was packed with booths and customers; and the sessions were well attended. It seemed like everyone in the industry was at the show.

Web Budgeting: What Makes Sense Right Now, Part 2 of 3
December 2, 2008

As I continue with part two in our three-part series examining how catalogers should adjust their marketing budgets to account for an influx of Web traffic and buyers, this week I provide a list of Web programs that catalogers should consider investing in. (For part 1, and a recap of how catalog/multichannel merchants can begin the process of planning their Web marketing budgets, click here.) The following online programs have proven worthwhile for catalogers to invest resources in: * Search engine optimization (SEO) solutions have become a big part of most catalogers’ marketing programs because paid and natural search are proving profitable and scalable.

The 50 Best Tips of 2008
November 1, 2008

Tired of reading about what a tough year it’s been for so many businesses across the board? Frustrated with your own results? Scared about the economy? Whether or not you’re struggling as much as others, here’s a little tonic: our annual best-of feature, in which we’ve pulled what we believe to be the 50 best and most implementable tips of the year from Catalog Success magazine as well as our weekly e-newsletter, Tactics & Tips. There’s nothing fancy here. Each paragraph is taken from a particular story that’s referenced, so you can turn or click back to reread the full story or act on

Find a Way to Get Your Site on the First Free Search Page Now
May 9, 2008

You think you’re having a tough time this year? It isn’t easy being the editor of a business publication that’s all about sharing thought-provocative success stories as positive learning experiences, either. As a professionally trained journalist of 26 years, I’d certainly be having a feast this year if I were hunting for “good” dirt on struggling companies to do investigative stories on. How did Lillian Vernon and The Sharper Image both come crashing down? Where did RedEnvelope go wrong? Plenty of carnage out there. But that’s not what we’re all about here at Catalog Success. We strive to help you through good times

May 1, 2008

Access Technology Solutions Direct Selling Services 34 Randall Decker (801) 420-9225 Associated Global Systems Fulfillment 62 Sales (516) 627-8910 B&W Press Printer/Specialty Mailer 23 Paul Beegan (978) 352-6100 Belardi/Ostroy ALC, LLC Lists 22, 39, 60 Andrew Ostroy (212) 924-1300 BowTie Inc. Lists 6 Kristina Grubb (949) 855-8822 x3420 Brown Printing Printer 41 Jill Tobin (212) 782-7857 Catalogs America Printing BC Dan Sayin (727) 864-2000 Catalyst Direct Marketing Lists 32, 65, 67 Fred Litzky (201) 405-1414 Chilcutt Direct Marketing Lists 52 Jane McCoy (405) 478-7245 Commerce Register Service Bureau 48 Bob Schweighardt (201) 445-3000 Creative Automation Direct Marketing 55 Bob Rajan (800) 773-1588 Cyber City Teleservices Telemarketing Services IBC Erv Magram (201) 487-1616 Datamann Software 24 Kathy Reagan (802) 295-6600 Direct Tech Inventory Management 21 Jack Mahaffey (402) 895-2100 DM Transportation Group Transportation Management 56 Bill Wilson (717) 258-0611 DoubleClick Performics Search/Affiliate Marketing 35 Robin Simkins (312) 739-0682 Dydacomp Development Software 8 Rob Coon (973) 237-9419 Edith Roman Associates Lists 3 Kevin Collopy (845) 731-2684 Endicia Mailing Software 57 Sales Department (800) 576-3279 Foster Manufacturing Production Equipment 6 Ted Borowsky (800) 523-4855 Iverson Language Associates Translation

Guest View: Search Expert, Blogger Extraordinaire Posts 9 Prognostications About Your Future
March 28, 2008

As per my headline, for this issue of Catalog Success: The Corner View, I hand my pen — um, keyboard — over to Catalog Success E-Commerce Insights columnist Alan Rimm-Kaufman. Alan heads the Rimm-Kaufman Group, an online agency providing large-scale paid search bid management and Web site testing services, and was formerly a marketing executive with the Crutchfield catalog of consumer electronics. I leave the stage to Alan, who starts with a potential scenario followed by nine predictions for the future of the catalog/multichannel business as it affects you. Scene: A bar at a conference hotel during a marketing trade show. Bill:

14 Hot Ideas in Free and Paid Search
January 1, 2008

Are you on top of today’s hottest ideas in free and paid search? Here are 14 easy-to-implement ways to get your site to the top of everyone’s results. Each could support a full article in its own right, so I’ve also provided additional links to help you dig in further. Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1. Social media sites drive links; links drive rankings. Get familiar with Digg (, StumbleUpon (, Netscape ( and Reddit (, because these social-media sites can drive huge traffic. More importantly, that traffic leads to numerous inbound links, which are the rocket fuel powering your organic rankings.

Become a Virtual Spy
December 1, 2007

Your phone buzzes just after lunch. Your boss is shouting, “Some new Web site appeared today out of nowhere and it’s advertising heavily against us! Who is it? Find out everything you can about it and report back by day’s end!” Today’s Web provides easy tools for competitive research. This month’s column provides a road map for sleuthing a competitor in a few of hours, at no cost, using just a Web browser. This is a link-heavy article. Once you finish reading this, you can go to the Web site and find a sidebar containing all the links mentioned. First, ready your browser.