The Reasons Behind's Growth
July 5, 2016 at 11:32 am

Online marketplaces are growing in popularity with shoppers and, therefore, so too are the number of marketplaces available. is just one of the beneficiaries of consumers’ increasing penchant for shopping online. The marketplace features over 40 million products across virtually all product categories, and services over 200 markets. In episode 42 of Total Retail…

How to Get Uncommonly Loyal Customers
June 1, 2011

A report by Forrester Research titled Customer Experience Boosts Revenue shows a strong correlation between customer experience and three keys to loyal behavior: intent to buy again, reluctance to switch and likelihood to recommend. The fundamental idea here is that as a customer's relationship with a company deepens and extends, profits increase — and not just by a little. 

Weighing In on the Catalog Co-op Databases '06
July 1, 2006

By Matt Griffin Now an eight-player field, consumer co-ops widen their offerings. What works best foryour catalog? With five established cooperative databases in the market, and three others trying to make headway in the past year, you might wonder what exactly separates each of these from one another. Whatever sets each co-op apart, the important thing to consider is that constant testing will prove whether the models offered by each company actually work. "Certainly you have to be willing to test the different databases, and you have to be willing to test different models," says Bob Webb, senior vice president of marketing for

Product Data Feed Standards Sought
March 1, 2006

While comparison shopping sites such as Froogle, and Shopzilla can provide an opportunity for multichannel marketers to reach new customer universes, they also present a unique set of challenges. Because there are myriad formats of product data feeds (the information you provide to the sites), this creates problems if you want to sell products on more than one site, says Alan Rimm-Kaufman, CEO of interactive marketing firm The Rimm-Kaufman Group. In a move to combat these dilemmas, merchants, search agencies and search engines met at’s FirstLook 2006 in Atlanta in January to discuss the need for a common standard for describing

Customer Acquisition: Feed Your Need to Sell
May 1, 2005

The rise of the search engine as a marketing tool has brought with it a bevy of other online-selling opportunities. Not least among these are the shopping feeds, Web sites that act as online aggregators of merchandise and that allow consumers to compare similar products online, then choose merchants to supply the items. Often shopping feeds are referred to as comparison shopping engines or Web co-ops. Notable examples include Google’s Froogle and Amazon (see “Five Feeds Examined,” below). While few catalogers are claiming that shopping feeds are bringing in huge amounts of money, many in the e-commerce world do admit that they’re