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Find that Hoodie

Doug Wilcox is a man with a problem. As the manager of eCommerce operations for the lifestyle retailer, Luma, it’s his job to dispatch hoodies to their new owners. But Luma’s current system can’t track inventory across supply channels. See how eBay Enterprise can help.

Shoe Carnival

With over 400 stores, Shoe Carnival needed a distribution system that was fast and easy to ensure it kept its customers happy and coming back. eBay Enterprise’s Ship-from Store solution made the company’s eCommerce store their largest one—almost overnight. Business is booming and Shoe Carnival ships out over 99% of its orders within two days. Speed, flexibility, and reliability are the eBay Enterprise difference.

Fashion Order Management Video

Now you can have a true omnichannel infrastructure: a system of record for orders and inventory across your distribution centers, stores, and suppliers. With the latest retail optimized smart order management solutions, your inventory and order management is a breeze. You can turn your physical stores into distribution centers and even fulfill products directly from your supplier.

Research and Whitepapers

Are you optimized for on-the-go?

The explosion of smartphones requires retailers to optimize for mobile and provide a seamless shopping experience for consumers. Download this white paper from Radial to learn seven ways to optimize your omnichannel retail strategy for mobile and improve customer satisfaction without sacrificing profits.

2015 Holiday Commerce Marketing Guide

Forty-five percent of online traffic during the holiday season came from mobile, an increase of 25.5% year over year. Furthermore, one out of four online purchases was done on a mobile device this season up from 18.6% in 2013. Traffic on mobile exceeded desktop traffic for the first time on Thanksgiving, reaching 52.1%. Find out many more trends and commerce hot topics in the 2015 Holiday Commerce Marketing Guide.

Ship-From-Store Sell Sheet

Turn your stores into a strategic asset by creating a virtual distribution center across your network of physical locations with our Ship-from Store solution. eBay Enterprise is delivering this purpose-built, modular SaaS solution at an unparalleled rate with more than 30 brands and 22 retailers live across 13 countries. Coupled with our expertise in omnichannel executive strategy and store operational best practices, you can quickly realize significant revenue increases.


While every aspect of the digital world continues to advance at a rapid pace, the adoption of mobile technologies is particularly striking. A wide range of form factors and devices has revolutionized virtually all facets of consumer behavior. This has in turn put pressure on retailers, marketers, designers, and every other corner of the retail industry to better understand just how consumers are using their ever-increasing arsenal of devices.


Case Studies

Retailers Identify Keys to Successful Retail Delivery

New research from WBR and Retail Delivery reveals that 88% of retailers with new supply chain initiatives said it has helped them exceed customer expectations Download the survey results, sponsored by Radial, to learn how to support a seamless experience at every touchpoint in your supply chain.

Godiva Case Study

In this special report from Radial, a leader in omnichannel commerce technologies and operations, data from a survey of retail executives regarding their technology investments in buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) programs is analyzed. The report features data on the percentage of retailers’ online orders that are BOPIS, the ability of retailers to track […]