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Ecology Wise
September 1, 2004

Environmental concern has re-emerged as an important issue for the direct marketing industry in the past few years. And the use of recycled paper is one of the issues that has been at the forefront of the resurgence. U.S. catalog companies mailed about 17 billion catalogs last year, using 3.6 million tons of paper, according to the Alliance for Environmental Innovation (AEI), a national nonprofit organization focused on environmental protection. “Catalogers are more aware of the environmental impact of their paper use and increasingly understand that reducing waste, maximizing recycled content and protecting forests are the right things to do,” says Victoria Mills,

A Principled Approach
February 1, 2003

Role within the catalog: Fisher and his business partner Stew Maloney founded the company. Fisher writes the copy and is the creative force behind this colorful and fun catalog of high-end pet supplies. Why they started a catalog: They initially set out to start a product line in the pet business, and later decided the merchandise would be attractive in a catalog format. “I love catalogs,” says Fisher. “I read them like other people read books. I love the copy, the format, the merchandise, the paper, the binding, the smell of them — everything.” Grew up in: Brooklyn, NY Education: B.A. from Hobart College,