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Tips to Improve the Mobile Email Experience
September 10, 2013

Retailers should use a hybrid layout with both responsive and scalable design to ensure consumers can interact with their email content. Responsive design adapts emails to the device subscribers are using, creating screen-proportional layouts that are visually appealing. Scalable design ensures that emails are still readable when reduced to half their size on a mobile device. Retailers can use both tactics to improve their email strategy with these tips:

Zmags Forms Two Advisory Boards of Print & Online Execs
September 17, 2009

From the PRINT 09 conference, Zmags, which helps marketers engage customers through Interactive Collateral Management (ICM), announced that it has launched two new advisory boards intended to help the company gauge customer needs and maintain its edge in the digital collateral creation space. Zmags hosted the first formal meetings of its Advisory and Thought Leadership Boards in Boston earlier in September.

Production Defining Digital (1,102 words)
January 1, 2001

by Ira A. Gold As the world moves toward a more digital environment, so does the workflow in catalog production. Since the advent of the high-end color electronic prepress systems in the early 1980s, we began our trek into an end-to-end digital production workflow.  Digital workflow, for the purposes of this article, is a production process using the fewest possible analog steps and resulting in a final file in a PDF (Portable Document File) format, which allows graphics and text to be seen regardless of what programs were used to create them.  Shaping the Terrain In many cases, today's digital workflow still includes a

The B-to-B Mailer’s Rules of the Road
July 1, 2000

“Compared to the business-to-business arena, consumer direct marketing is a no-brainer.” —Lee Kroll, Kroll Direct Marketing Many will disagree with Lee Kroll’s statement. But I, for one, think he’s dead on. Read on, consider all of the challenges the b-to-b marketer faces when it comes to lists, and decide for yourself. Consumer Direct Marketing The universe has roughly 110 million households. Most receive mail in a box or through a slot in the front door. They answer their own telephones. True, in the words of Chicago freelancer Lea Pierce, “All mail is opened over the wastebasket.” But, chances are pretty good that if you