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USPS Column Hits a Naive Nerve
February 9, 2009

I got lots of feedback to my column last week on the USPS and its brainstorm about going to a five-day workweek. Most of the comments showed up in my inbox or on my blog (which gets heavily promoted throughout the blogosphere). And most of them were pro-mailer, agreeing that the USPS needs to wake up. 

To Think, You Rely on Them to Deliver Your Catalogs?
February 3, 2009

It's no secret by now that Postmaster General John Potter told Congress that in order for the USPS to survive, it needs to switch to a five-day-a-week delivery schedule. Does anyone else think this is a disaster waiting to happen? And does anyone out there actually believe that five days will be enough for this bloated bureaucracy to survive? What's next, mail one day a week? Mail on alternate Tuesdays? Leap year mail, anyone?

Three Resources to Help Grow Your Catalog
January 27, 2009

In the meantime, if you're looking to grow your housefile, there are a number of ways to generate new catalog requests and orders beyond the traditional list rental model. I've successfully used the following three services many times in the past. 

Adopting Social Media for Your Business
January 20, 2009

Last week, I offered a request to my readers to post their comments regarding their adoption of social media. Based upon the results of a recent poll we conducted at, many of you aren’t jumping on the bandwagon, as compared with pure-play e-retailers and other Internet marketers.

Networking Site Offers Far More Than You Could Imagine, Part 2 of 3
November 25, 2008

If you aren’t in full networking mode in this economy, let this week’s column be a call to action for you.
(For more about why, see last week’s column.)
These days, I’m always networking. I’m on MySpace and Facebook, and have just started to play around with Twitter and other less known networking sites like Schmoozii. Even Plaxo has gotten into the social and business networking game.
But I find LinkedIn to be the best networking tool to use by far. Most LinkedIn users already know how to link to other people in and out of their networks. I wrote about the beginner stuff

Networking Site Offers Far More Than You Could Imagine, Part 1 of 3
November 18, 2008

A little more than a year ago, I dedicated this space to the wonders of LinkedIn and all it can do for you in the business world. At that time I was a beginning user. But I’ve learned a lot since then, and there are many more advanced functions. In fact, LinkedIn recently added some killer networking tools that, when harnessed in this economy, can really help anyone out.
My dad was a C.P.A. who worked for the same accounting firm for 35 years. He had a typical career path: He started at a low-level manager position, worked hard and eventually became partner.

Don’t You Dare Read My Column This Week Unless …
November 4, 2008

You have voted!
If not, stop reading here. Walk out of your office, home or wherever you are, and proceed directly to your assigned polling station.
There’s too much at stake this time around. I implore you to get out and vote. Republican, Democrat, who cares? Just go vote. Sure, there may be long lines, but this election is so big that your vote could be your opportunity to make the biggest difference possible in your lifetime.
And one thing’s for sure: Your vote will count in the history books! Either the first black presidential or female vice presidential candidate will be elected to