Domtar Paper (formerly Weyerhauser)

Recycled Knowledge
March 1, 2007

As a catalog marketer, you’re constantly battling to bring every penny to the bottom line. The winds of change have been blowing strong in the industry. Changes in postage and a strong resurgence in pressure from environmental groups ultimately will hurt profits. Be not afraid; at least one of the clouds on the horizon has a silver lining. I’d be hard pressed to say that any changes in the postal rates could be turned into a positive. But I can make a case that embracing recycled paper (or its environmentally friendly alternatives) can enhance your business in spite of the perceived cost premiums. First, it’s important

Beyond the Recycling Bin
July 1, 2005

When it comes to the environmental footprint you leave behind in your catalog and direct mail operations, no doubt you want to do the right thing. But understanding the terms of the debate takes a bit of self-education. “The challenge is moving away from the arena in which we talk only about paper made of post-consumer-waste (PCW) recycled content, to a forum that’s focused on the new idea of the entire lifecycle of paper — from the time the tree is cut to the back door of the printing company,” says Scott Bond, senior vice president for Bulkley Dunton, a New York City-based

Paper: New Paper Products Led by Evironmentally Friendly and Lightweight Alternatives
March 1, 2005

Despite the advent of e-commerce and the digital age, you’re guaranteed to interact with paper countless times every single day. And until something better comes along, it’s safe to say that paper will be a big part of the catalog industry for the forseeable future. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some paper products that have been released in the past several months. From environmentally sound options to a few that could save you money on postage, the editors at Idea Factory present a list of papers that hopefully will get you thinking about the ever-present material on which you print your catalogs. ¥

Paper-buying Resources: A Primer
July 1, 2004

Paper prices are expected to increase this year. Couple that with the still-uncertain U.S. economy, and you have a period in which making a smart decision about paper is tougher than ever. It requires both a fundamental understanding of the paper market and a willingness to rely on a little help from your friends. Think Branding First No matter the type of catalog you have — or the products or services it touts — the first step to take before choosing a catalog paper is to consider your brand, says Kathy Johnston, creative/production services manager at catalog consultancy J. Schmid & Assoc.,