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Four Steps to Infuse Your Culture and Brand into Outsourced Call Centers
March 6, 2007

In nearly every industry, companies rely on strong brand identity to promote customer loyalty. For catalogers, brand identity is especially critical because the products and services they offer tend to targeted at specific niche audiences. As a result, they’re constantly trying to identify opportunities to create an affinity with customers and build their brand. One channel that can be particularly effective in this capacity is the customer service contact center. The contact center represents an essential communications link between an organization and its customers. Contact center reps continuously interact with customers, amassing tons of information that can be used by catalogers to gauge brand awareness,

Matchbacks: Tools and Technologies to Try
March 1, 2006

Accurately determining what level of matchback your company needs can depend on several factors: available resources, the specifics of your contact strategy and time constraints imposed by future planning cycles, to name a few. Following are three steps that can help you select a strategy and vendors. Step 1: Identify marketing channels you’d like to include in your matchback. You get sales from several channels. Which channel’s orders should you include in your matchback, and which should you omit? You probably get orders from direct mail (e.g., catalogs, postcards, flyers, special mailings), Internet, e-mail marketing campaigns, paid search engines and affiliate marketing programs. Choose the