Launches iPad App
October 21, 2010

Premier shopping website is extending its leading library of retail catalogs to the tablet device that is redefining the way we interact with content – the Apple iPad.

Catalogs Prove Effective Canvas for Retailers' Creativity
July 20, 2010

With retailers forced to take a hard look at their bottom lines during the recession, catalogs are adjusting, but not disappearing, says Leslie Linevsky, founder of As postage rates climb and customers become concerned about the environmental impact, retailers are scaling back on the number of catalogs they mail out and are using them to drive traffic to their websites.

Three Resources to Help Grow Your Catalog
January 27, 2009

In the meantime, if you're looking to grow your housefile, there are a number of ways to generate new catalog requests and orders beyond the traditional list rental model. I've successfully used the following three services many times in the past. 

Three Ways to Cut Customer Acquisition Costs and BEAT the Postal Increase
May 14, 2007

Last week, I discussed some powerful resources for finding obscure mailing lists that may not be on the traditional list rental market.

This week, let’s take these resources a step further. You can use the below list of research sources to make contact with companies, and then create reciprocal list exchanges and co-marketing partnerships. With this week’s absolutely insane postal rate increase, now is a great time for you to look at alternative ways to acquire customers and even lower your customer acquisition costs.

Again, the resources are:

* Belcaro Shop at Home (

* (

* Greyhouse publishing (<a

Find the ‘Hidden’ List Market to Help Your Business Grow
May 8, 2007

Over the past few weeks, I’ve discussed extensively how to select the right list broker and the right lists for your offerings. This week, let’s explore a few ways to find lists that may not be on the rental market.

Not every company chooses to mail catalogs, and not every catalog company puts its list on the rental market. Naturally, these lists wouldn’t be on the typical list broker’s radar screen.

Sometimes, especially when you work in a tight niche market, you need to find new lists beyond what your list broker recommends. There are a number of catalog sources that you can use as