Zach Thomann

Zach Thomann

Zach Thomann is Executive Vice President and General Manager at PFS. PFS is the operations business unit of PFSweb, Inc., a leading end-to-end e-commerce provider.

With extensive experience in 3PL, end-to-end, and omni-channel commerce solutions, Zach Thomann leads the PFS Operations practice as EVP and GM. He’s held multiple VP and GM roles within our business and continues to innovate our processes and capabilities.

How to Reset Your Inventory Management Strategy

Brands and retailers have never seen anything like this — rapidly changing consumer preferences, ongoing supply chain disruptions, an influx of inventory for some, all under the cloud of a looming recession. Anticipating consumer behavior in this market is challenging. And being able to get what you need when you need it is complex, which…

Seeing Red: The Changing Role of Promotions

The fact that promotions can drive sales is probably as old as commerce itself. However, in a digital-first, e-commerce world, the role of promotions has broadened. In addition to the effect on sales, promotions can also influence purchase timing, which has knock-on implications for fulfillment and the customer experience. This connection was revealed by a recent study of…

Rethinking Peak E-Commerce Operations in Light of COVID-19

Beginning in late July, a number of major retailers announced they will be closing stores on Thanksgiving Day for the first time in years. Walmart kicked it all off, stating it will be closing its stores on the U.S. holiday for the first time in 30 years, with many other retailers, including Target, quick to…