Yvan Boisjoli

Yvan Boisjoli

Yvan Boisjoli is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bold Commerce, a software development company that provides industry-leading e-commerce solutions for the world’s most innovative brands.

3 Ways to Get Your Checkout Ready to Go Anywhere

Consumers today expect the ability to shop on their own terms, be it browsing on their phone, switching to a desktop to complete an order and then picking it up in-store, or any other mapping process they may take on the route to a purchase. And more importantly, consumers want the experience to be frictionless…

5 Things Retailers Can't Do (Easily) Without Headless Checkout

A little over a decade ago, retailers applauded that they could move away from self-hosted, licensed e-commerce platforms with high development and support costs and painful upgrade paths. Many made the move to all-in-one SaaS platforms at a lower cost, with basic functionality for e-commerce, and app or plug-in marketplaces to add more features. Fast-forward…