Victoria Schmid

Victoria Schmid

Victoria Schmid enjoys writing about technology for the “everyday” person. She is a specialist in online business marketing and consumer technology. She has a background in broadcast journalism.

How to Learn From These Failing Retailers

For years, the retail industry has been plagued by high-profile store closures, like Sports Authority, Payless, and Toys“R”Us. These retail chains buckled under economic pressure, but brick-and-mortar stores aren’t necessarily doomed if they can embrace the retail renaissance. Research from Deloitte indicates that as Americans spend less, it most affects retailers in the middle —…

A Marketing Guide for Generation Z

If you’re still marketing through Facebook, you’re missing the world’s soon-to-be-largest demographic: Generation Z. The post-millennial youth are an entirely different group than their predecessors, and their buying habits are equally unique. Who Are Gen Z? Generation Z is the next moniker in the progression from Generation X and Generation Y, and roughly refers to…